Lesson Files, Sharing Restrictions & Copyright Info

Lesson files may not be used in/on any website, banner, blog, logo, etc. Purchase of my online lessons does not transfer rights – copyright of lessons remains with the original author (Oak Five Studios). Oak Five Studios still owns the content and you may not alter it or share it in any way.


I communicate with clients via email. It’s easier for me to look back in emails to find specific details and requests. At this time I do not offer video chat or phone meetings. All communication will be via email and Etsy. If you have questions about understanding the lessons, please feel free to contact me via Etsy or email. hello@oakfivestudios.com


Payments for online courses are accepted through Etsy.


Due to the nature of the online lessons, and all the lesson information being made available immediately after purchase, there is a no refund policy. Lessons are delivered in a digital download format, allowing for them to be kept forever and reviewed more than once. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. By purchasing an online lesson, you are agreeing to these terms.