The outlet for the thoughts we’re scared to say out loud.

Postpartum Depression Support

You’re not alone. You’re not a bad mom.

Oak Five Studios is dedicated to helping moms find themselves and fight postpartum depression through career ambitions by providing a safe, expressive support system. With the right support system, we can raise awareness and fight postpartum depression.

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Postpartum Support Network | Facebook Motherhood Group

The Expressive Lens

Join a postpartum support group full of moms who use their camera to cope with the hard motherhood emotions and find their identity. A safe place for mothers to express their dark thoughts through supportive forums, or creatively through the lens.

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My Photography Portfolio

Carlisle Mae Photography is a lifestyle portrait, family photographer serving in Northeast Ohio and its surrounding areas. As a mom and photographer, I am all about savoring the moments. As we snuggle our littles on our chest, caressing our fingers through their thin hair, admiring their tiny little hands, knowing that all this love and excitement came from the beautiful bond that started between just two people.

I promise to treat your family’s memories as if they were my own. I believe it is important to feel a family’s love and connection through their family portraits so that it can become a memory that is cherished by future generations. Together we’ll capture real moments. Real memories. Real smiles.

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