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About Oak Five Studios

Oak Five Studios was inspired by my own journey through postpartum depression. I want other moms to know you’re not alone. You’re not a bad momma. And with the right support system, we can raise awareness and fight PPD.
The creative outlet for the thoughts we’re scared to say out loud.

Experiencing Motherhood the Way We All Deserve

By |2021-01-03T02:04:10+00:00September 20th, 2020|Mental Health, PPD Stories|

Quickly taking my head over heels in love happiness down to a frustrated, overwhelmed, and exhausted mental health. I lost my bonding time with Oaklan this week. The bonding time that I, unfortunately, was robbed of with Lily and Saige. A bonding experience that I truly never thought I'd ever get to have.

Finding Your Target Audience with Your Portfolio

By |2021-01-03T02:09:07+00:00October 24th, 2019|Marketing Tips, Marketing|

Every photographer at some point, has started a session with a new client who’s expectations are different than theirs. Their disappointment in your work, leads to them re-editing your images or asking for a free reshoot. But what if this could have been avoided? What if your portfolio made sure their expectations matched yours before they even contacted you?

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