Finding Visibility through Momtography

Oak Five Studios is a postpartum support network dedicated to helping moms find themselves and fight postpartum depression through career ambitions by providing a safe, expressive support system. Photography gives mothers an outlet for the thoughts we’re scared to say out loud. And while coping through our lenses, we can turn our fears into dreams. This creative outlet allows us to find ourselves, regain our identity, and chase our dreams.

Our Mission

The Expressive Lens

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Join a postpartum support network full of moms who use their camera to cope with the hard motherhood emotions and find their identity. A postpartum support group that provides a safe place for mothers to express their dark thoughts through supportive forums, or creatively through the lens.

Learning Photography

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Basics of Photography

Understanding Your Camera

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Understanding How to Use Manual Settings

Learning Composition and Technique

The Different Elements of Editing

Photography is a terrific creative outlet with the power to lessen anxiety, process difficult emotions, and find confidence and creativity each and every day. Whether you’re interested in becoming a hobbyist photographer or making it a career, our photography classes are designed for teaching you how to take better pictures. These skills can be used to passionately express your emotions through images or creatively photograph your daily life.

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Whether your photography business is your full-time job, a side-hustle, or just a passion project, it has the potential to thrive with the right website and support behind it.

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